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How Much do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Any homeowner will tell you the ups and downs they encounter due to malfunctioning air conditioners. While repairing might sound a little cost-saving, it might prove cheaper to get yourself a new furnace. The insight in this post should answer any air conditioner repair and replacement question and, most importantly, outline the costs for both.

Here is how you decide between a repair and a replacement

How frequently do you repair?

The number of times you have had your AC repaired speaks volumes. When it gets to a point where the technician fixes the same problem more than three times, it is a sign that a replacement is what you must think about.

The rise in energy bills

The amount of energy your AC consumes is likely to be two or three times more each time there is a prolonged malfunction. The main reason is that the malfunction causes the AC to work much harder and longer to perform its regular tasks.

The more energy is used, the higher the bills. Buying a new furnace might be a lot cheaper than the energy bills you pay at the end of every month.

Less power

Less power could be a result of poor installation. Also, once you make adjustments to your house, the AC might have difficulties meeting the previous expectation, in which case you will require a new one.

When the AC is noisy

Noise from your AC could be due to loose parts that might need to be repaired or otherwise tightened to make the noise disappear. Leaving the loose parts unattended for a long time could cause the noises to get out of hand, and the AC unit at this point will require a replacement.

The age of the AC

The younger it is, the more efficient it will be. Frequent maintenance is likely to prolong the lifespan of your AC. However, if the AC exceeds the number of years specified by the manufacturers, you need a replacement plan.

What you need to know about costs

The cost of repairing and replacing an AC depends on several issues. They are as follows.

Hourly repair rate

AC units are highly technical appliances with high and low voltages – one should handle them with the utmost care. Most technicians include a basic service call fee, which covers the diagnostics and additional costs for parts and labour.

The fee quotation for parts covers both the prices of the parts and the labour for installation. An hourly rate ranges from $65- $125. If the AC unit in question is too old, the increasingly intensive labour cost could go higher than the replacement cost. In such cases, a replacement is advisable.

Cost in relation to the type of AC you have

Portable AC

As its name suggests, it can be moved from one room to another. It is usually installed on the walls. The cost of repair ranges between $100-$ 250.

Window AC

These are similar to the portable AC but are installed inside windows. When your compressor develops repair issues, you can expect to part with 50-$125. With window ACs, you can also expect thermostat malfunctions, which costs $25 – $85 to repair.

Central AC

With a central AC, clogged drain lines are common, and it costs $75- $200 to repair them. For thermostat replacements, you need $75- $500 for repairs. As for refrigerant leaks, you need close to $200 – $500 to repair.

Swamp cooler

This kind of AC is highly efficient in hot, humid areas. With swamp coolers, replacing belts rages from $65 – $85, pads at $125 – $500, and pumps at $200 – $275. These are the most common repairs.

The cost as per the type of repair

The amount you part with could be as a result of the kind of repair you seek. Here is what to expect.

Clogged air filter

Once your air filter is clogged, you can rest assured to part with $75 – $195. The best thing about this repair is that it keeps your AC unit from overworking and burning out.

Circuit board

This is the electronic system that runs the AC. For this repair, you need $100-$150.


This is a vital part inside the AC that makes the fans rotate hence pushing out the hot air and giving the room some cool wind. It costs $100-$150 to repair a blower.

Refrigerant recharge

Once leaks are repaired, you must recharge Freon. A recharge could cost approximately $125-$300.


The capacitor plays a vital role in starting the AC unit. It sends enough energy to start the motor. If a breakdown occurs, you will require $200-$250 to repair it.

Freon leak

This is the cooling refrigerant that runs your AC. In case of a leak, you are likely to pay $200-$1,500.

Coil leak

The evaporator coils remove heat from the house and release it to the condenser to be cooled. The repairing cost is close to the replacement cost – it ranges between $250-$2,000.


This is the pressure system that increases the temperature of the refrigerant. It is located outside the house. It is essential; therefore, it is expensive to repair. You require $600-$1,200 for a full repair.

Expansion valve

This part plays a vital role in changing the refrigerant from liquid to vapor, after which it sends it to the evaporator. $150-$200 is what you need for a well-done repair.

How much does maintenance cost?

You could repair your AC twice or once a year. To maintain the unit’s warranty, it is advisable to hire a licensed AC company. Regular repair costs between $100 to $150. When the technician shows up for the repair, they have to check the coolant levels to ensure the functioning is as required.

They also have to inspect and clean the inside and outdoor units, change or clean the filter, and clean out the unit’s drains.

To sum it up

You can avoid spending so much money on energy bills and repairs by regularly maintaining your AC.

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