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Set Your Air Conditioner Temperature Right

Some people prefer it hot while others prefer it to be colder. When it comes to indoor temperatures, people have varying preferences. One of the biggest debates is on what temperature should I set my air conditioner in summer? If you are the one asking this question, the bad news is there is no definite answer. On the bright side,  you can use a couple of tips to achieve a comfortable temperature while saving energy and avoiding air conditioner repair

Set the AC at 25.5 degrees

 According to most professionals, the ideal temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius. Most people find this is the ideal temperature during summer. 25.5 degrees Celsius is a low enough temperature for you to function comfortably but also high enough, so your AC doesn’t run all the time. Studies have shown that you end up saving 3 to 5 percent on cooling costs each degree you raise the thermostat. You have to find the sweet spot,  which is 25.5 degrees Celsius for many people.

If your family is picky, you can play around with the temperatures  for a few days. You can raise the temperatures a degree or two every couple of days. If someone complains, you will know you have hit the temperature limit. To avoid family members sneaking over and changing the thermostat, you should involve them in this experiment.

Adjust the AC to Your Schedule

If you’re out of the house each day for a couple of hours, you can raise the AC temperature when you are away. You can set the thermostat a few degrees higher before bedtime or when leaving for work. This is what makes a smart or programmable thermostat a great investment.

Properly Maintain the Air Conditioner

One of the key reasons most homes deal with uncomfortable temperatures during winter and summer is because their AC is not maintained properly. When you don’t take the time to change the filters, recalibrate the thermostat and check the refrigerant, you will start noticing varying AC temperatures. When poorly maintained, the AC will also end up using more energy.

Use a Fan for Cooling

To save money on cooling, you should consider using a fan for cooling. While it uses electricity, a fan uses far less power than the air conditioning unit. Besides blowing a stream of soothing air on you, a fan will circulate the chilled air from the AC.

If you cook inside, a ventilation fan will be your best friend. Turn it on when you begin cooking and keep it on until you are done. The same goes for the exhaust fan in the washroom when showering. It is also a great idea to avoid heat-producing appliances during summer.

Keep Blinds Down on the Hottest Parts of the Day

 When sun rays stream through the windows, they may add more natural light and natural heat to your house. This means that the AC will have to work harder to achieve the average air conditioner temperature. Investing in good blinds to cover the sun-facing windows will help you enjoy the nice natural light without the excess heat.

Are you having trouble deciding on the ideal temperature for AC? If you are, there is no harm in bringing in a professional to help. At times you may fail to achieve the ideal temperature because your AC has a problem or the thermostat is faulty. A professional will inspect every unit and ensure you set the perfect air conditioner temperature. Air Makers is happy to help with this issue, help you pick the right AC unit and help with maintenance.   Give us a call to  find out more about our services.

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