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How Much Does It Cost to Install an AC in Toronto?

After experiencing the unforgiving winter cold, it is natural to want some sunny days. Your comfort should be your topmost priority; therefore, you need to have mitigating measures in place. An air conditioner is the best plan of action. Cost to install air conditioner (AC) in Toronto, Ontario on average is $5,633 or anything between $3,810 and $7,472.

Why are air conditioners vital?

They save your life

Based on a study done by The Environmental Protection Agency on heat-related deaths, about 9000 people died of heat between 1979 and 2013. This statistic is the very reason why you and your family stand to benefit from an air conditioner.

You enjoy a peaceful rest

It is hard to have a peaceful rest in a sweltering environment. Having an air conditioner guarantees you and your family room for sleeping soundly.

Keep your furniture in good shape

Furniture can be ruined by humidity. A sweltering environment is bound to carry lots of moisture. For instance, if your couch is made of leather, it might rot inside after absorbing too much humidity. The same goes for your wooden furniture. As it is, wooden furniture either gains or loses moisture depending on its environment. In the long run, such wooden furniture begins to warp.

Nine factors that affect air conditioner prices

Air conditioners are not similar. What works for someone you know might not work for you. It is vital to ensure that you understand the type of AC your space needs. One way to know is to distinguish them by cost, size, the capacity to cool, and efficiency.

Let’s focus on costs and factors that could prompt their prices to go high or low.

1. Efficiency

It is natural for everyone to want value for their hard-earned money. Like most appliances, an AC’s price is mostly controlled by its efficiency level. You might have to spend more on an efficient AC, but in the long run, you’ll be relieved as the cooling and energy costs will drop significantly.

2. Installation timing

It goes without saying that when you buy an item during a high season for it, you are likely to pay more. The same goes for ACs. If you make your purchase off-season, you are likely to spend less.

3. Size and capacity

The size of your house dictates the size of the AC you need. A smaller place will need a miniature AC. A large space needs a big one with a large cooling capacity. You can opt to leave out rooms that don’t need cooling, such as the basement. This applies to people with massive homes.

4. Maintenance

You have to have maintenance costs in mind before installing your AC. It is best to weigh your options before settling for any AC. That way, you will have an estimate of the maintenance fee expected of you.

5. The life expectancy of the AC

Most manufactures are kind enough to include the life expectancy of an AC. This helps to keep you informed on how long you’ll have the AC. However, regular maintenance will help you to keep the AC in shape for longer. Having the life expectancy in mind helps you in picking a quality AC that is likely to last.

6. Installation Company

Different companies charge different prices for installation. Therefore, the amount you pay for installation depends on the installation company you settle for. The most important thing is seeking excellence over any other attribute.

Excellence is measured by the efficiency, and most importantly, the years of expertise the installation company has. To ascertain that you have all your facts right about the company, it is advisable to visit their website to check what former clients think. These reviews come in handy.

Failing to identify a good installation company will amount to shoddy installation, which might cause your AC to start malfunctioning. This means you will incur extra costs to maintain or repair it.

7. Is it a new installation or replacement?

A new installation is far much costly than a replacement. The latter has lots of finished parts such as ductwork, wiring, or drains, among others.

8. The number of vent and returns

After installation, it is advisable to add bot supply and return vents. These are extremely vital as they help supply your house with cold air. The number of supply vents and returns you require will influence the amount you will spend on installation.

9. The type of AC you buy

Like any other product, the prices differ in relation to the quality, scarcity of the product, the company in question, and many other factors. Hence, the type of AC you settle for influences its cost. This is because of the make, level of efficiency, its capacity to cool, and the company in question.

How Much does it Cost to Install Central Air Conditioning?

Installing central air conditioning amounts to $5,633 or anything between $3,810 and $7,472. The price you pay at the end of the project depends on which unit you settle for, the overall cost of installation, and finally, the cost of additional items such as ductwork repairs. You can rest assured to spend up to $ 10,000.

Here are a few factors you must consider while installing an AC.

British Thermal Unit (BTU)

Having the BTU your AC can handle is vital. It is not advisable to have excess or too little of it. For instance, using excess BTU on a portable AC could cause it to cool quickly. Also, using too little BTU causes the AC not to reach its desired comfort.

Averagely, you need 18 BTU capacity per square foot. However, 14 to 26 BTU capacity per square foot is also acceptable.

In Conclusion

Any homeowner in Toronto requires the insight above to be able to settle for the most favourable cost. The information above will also help you make an informed decision on quality, the expertise traits to look for in an installation and manufacturing company.

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